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Children are treasure of happiness nourishing family and society. Future of any nation completely depends on their youth. It is very essential to ensure the safe environment for upbringing of children that they will able to contribute maximum for nation. Child abuse is emerging challenge for our society and recent reports on child abuse show its severity. We need quick and effective changes to preserve the childhood spirit. Judiciary system of our country is very flexible and culprit can escape easily.

Child abuse in India, though widespread, is difficult to document because it is shrouded in secrecy. Fear of social stigma, unwillingness to implicate family members and other factors discourage families from exposing abuse. Police misbehaviour and a long judicial process are deterrents to seeking redress.

Child abuse is a broad phenomenon covers physical, sexual, emotional and negligence result in serious maladaptive behaviour in developing child. The Impact of abuse remains till the life ends with victim and influences the family too. The Juvenile Justice Act 2000 defines a child as “a person who has not completed eighteenth year of age,” and a person is deemed to have reached “majority” on completion of 18 years under the Indian Majority Act of 1875.

Problem Statement

A study to assess effectiveness of Information booklet regarding child abuse & its prevention among parents in view to develop body of knowledge for child abuse prevention in Rajasthan state

Information Booklet

It can be download from here and if you need the hard copy of it; mail us or call Team Care Takers

Standard Tool for Child Abuse & Its Prevention

Tool is validated by various professors from reputed universities and the reliability is checked. The tool is highly reliable for Child Abuse & Its prevention. The tool can be used in both languages for research. This tool have limitations like it can not be used for parents who have education status less than secondary level; the parents whom children are in the age of one year to fifteen years; tool must be updated if there is amendment in the Law (POCSO) and so on.
The answer key and hindi version of this tool can be requested by mail.