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Care Taker Sir Ummed Memorial Trust is founded in the Memory of Shri Ummed Singh Ji, who was a great visionary, also fought for righteous things and served for the society till the last breath of his life. Care Takers itself is reflection of care for others.

Mr. Pawan Kr. Choudhary is founder of Care Takers. Since our objectives solely focus on welfare of society and needy person; and we all are committed to fulfill them at any cost. Care Takers feel it as a great opportunity to serve for the mankind being from them. This is grace of almighty and blessings of our forefathers that we are able to serve.

Care Taker's Digital Blood Bank Mobile Application

Human beings have a tendency to fight for the best. Care Takers presenting the concept of being DIGITAL in blood matters also.

Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji is talking frequently for DIGITAL INDIA and our founder Mr. Pawan Kr. Choudhary have taken this seriously. Care Takers presenting The Digital Blood Bank by means of mobile application. By this mobile application one can find donors of particular blood group at desired location city wise across the India without wasting emergency time for management.

Digital Blood Bank Mobile Application Flow

Care Taker Marathon

Children are treasure of happiness nourishing family and society. Future of any nation completely depends on their youth. It is very essential to ensure the safe environment for upbringing of children that they will able to contribute maximum for nation. Child abuse is emerging challenge for our society and recent reports on child abuse show its severity. We need quick and effective changes to preserve the childhood spirit. Judiciary system of our country is very flexible and culprit can escape easily. The Care Taker Marathon is a movement for not just spreading awareness on child abuse but also adding values to our society

When you begin to care for someone, same time, somebody starts to care for you, somewhere or else.

- Mr Pawan Kr Choudhary (Managing Director)

National Nurse's Relief Fund

If there is a profession that considers human service as a religion, then it is Nursing profession, where the whole world feels physically, mentally unwell after being stricken with life’s problems, then a Nurse do her efforts to bring back orderly. Nursing profession earnestly demands renunciation, complete devotion and hard work, a nurse puts all her endeavour day and night in caring for her patients.

National nurse’s relief fund has been created keeping in view the challenges in the current scenario of nurses which will act to achieve the primary objective of direct funding to the nurses. Our aim is to bestow financial assistance directly to the Nurses, keeping in mind the interests of nurses at the national level; this fund is being underlay by Care Taker Sir Ummed Memorial Trust.